Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Miss Ali

This is going to be a HUGE post.  Larry is out of town and wants to see ALL of Ali's day so we are going to start right at the very beginning.......

This was the start of her spectacular birthday.  Brought her breakfast in bed.  Her cousins already there at the crack of dawn.  Was going to be a fun day!

Had to get a good pic of Miss Madi in the morning.  She has some pretty crazy hair.  She cries everytime I go through it with a comb and cries for her daddy to save her.

Her grandma came over in the morning with some lip gloss as a gift and a bow that she just had to wear in her hair :)  Such a diva!

She is so stinkin girly.  Blowing a kiss for dad.

Then there is Kolton the HAM.....seriously a killer smile here :)

So this pic Ali said "K everyone this is for dad"  So I took it and said "why aren't you smiling?"  Because it shows how much I miss him.

One of Ali's BFF's is Griffin next door.  She wanted me to take her to McDonalds because we never go so it was a big treat.  So the second they jumped off the bus we took off.  They are so silly together.  I love their conversations, they crack me up!

Up in the play area.  Ali and Griff

They kept posing and wanting their picture taken.

Well that is sideways......when we got home we rushed to dress up like princesses for the big party!

This is a love/hate relationship.  Can you tell?  At least Kaden was a good sport.

Holy 6 year old girls batman!!  

Tea parties, games, and....

princess crafts!!

The girls had fun!  They were alittle boy crazy after Zac though.  Good thing my mom came to help.  I could not have done it without her!

Made a cake in the middle of all this chaos......

Here are the little 3 year olds.  Had the cousins over for dinner :)

One more gift from Grandma and Grandpa....she LOVES it :)  Wants to wear to school tomorrow.  Not happening.  Although grandma looks at me and says its up to your mom.....nice :)

The Garner family sings to Ali.....

The princess finally rests her head.....little does she know that I put a pea under her mattress.

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John and Misty said...

Holy fun day, Batman! Wow, you need a vacation after all that! Looks like they all had a great time. I'm so impressed you posted after all that also. Good. Job. Jae! (said like a cheerleader with a clap in between) :)